Are Micro-Jobs a Way to Make Money?

In this article, I am going to explain the difference between regular continuity and and the Micro Continuity Model. I’m also going to share how the latter can make you a bunch of money really fast, ESPECIALLY if you are a non-techie person. First, let me start out with Continuity. We are all in one form or another familiar with Continuity programs. A regular continuity program is something that you are enrolled in where you have to pay a recurring amount of money every single week, month, quarter, or year. An example is a membership site that you sign up for that might cost $29.99 / mo.

Another example is your cable bill in which you might pay $50  소액결제현금화 / mo. The thing is, with regular continuity programs you are paying on a recurring basis forever until you decide to take action and cancel. There is something that happens psychologically to a person when he or she signs up or enters any kind of a continuity program that has no end in sight. When you enter a regular continuity program you understand that you are ‘stuck’ shelling out money on a recurring basis until YOU decide to take action and cancel. And this is the reason for the newly used Micro Continuity business model.

Micro Continuity has 3 major differences from Continuity. First, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a definite beginning and end date. So instead of enrolling in a service or program forever (until YOU decide to cancel), you are enrolling in a service or program that has a definite end date. An example would be signing up for a 16 week course in which you pay $10 for 16 weeks. People are creatures of habit, and one of the greatest habits of people in our day is forgetting things. It is a nuisance to a person to have to remember to take action to cancel a service. That’s why the conversions in a micro continuity business model versus a regular continuity model are on average 20% higher.

The 2nd difference is the setup and maintenance of the Micro Continuity model. In the past, in order to create a product you would have to do these things: Create graphics, create a landing page, create a sales letter with graphics, set up a payment processor, set up a membership site with a script, etc. There is too much hassle for a normal internet marketer, or someone who wants to make money online. What is awesome about micro continuity is that all you need is a simple landing page (no graphics) which you could also outsource for about $5. Then you just need an auto-responder, and a thank you page with a video. You can then just use a free merchant account and send the weekly lessons through your auto-responder.

The 3rd major difference is that once you complete your course or program’s lessons, you can walk away from it and you never have to add content again. With normal membership sites you have to continually add new content every single month in order to keep the people happy. Not so with Micro Continuity.



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